Best Dietary Supplements

What are Dietary Supplements?

What are Dietary Supplements? Most people think of their daily multivitamin when they hear the term “Dietary Supplements”. And while this is correct, the includes several other criteria in the supplement category: “…A dietary supplement is a product taken by mouth that contains a “dietary ingredient” intended to supplement the diet. The “dietary ingredients”… Read More

Is exercise to blame for your hair loss?

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Is exercise to blame for your hair loss? The head of our research and product development team who runs a chain of hair loss clinics made a recent discovery we’d like to share. Over the past few years, he’s noticed that many of his female patients who lead active lives, i.e. committed to regular… Read More

Military’s Secret Weapon

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Super Army Mega Endurance Formula – The Secret Weapon of Service Men If you’re a military air traffic controller, drone operator, army ranger, marine or navy SEAL who executes tactical operations or endures service-related obstacles, you’re looking for more than a pre-workout product. After all, your profession is unique. On a daily basis, you… Read More

Soldiers, Athletes, and Winning the War on PTSD

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When You’re Living the Stuff that Movies are Made Of In this Article: Staying Healthy in the 3-Stages of Deployment Great Soldiers are Great Athletes What’s on the Inside? According to an article in Military Medicine published in 2012, the United States has deployed over 2 million troops in support of the wars in… Read More

Testosterone Boosting: Taming the Beast Within [What You Need to Know]

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What’s Wrong with a Little Testosterone Boost? I know…you don’t think there is any real harm to enhancing your manliness with a little testosterone boost. After all, testosterone is a hormone naturally found in your body. And, just because Old Father Time thinks you’re OK with a little lower natural dose, you have other… Read More